5 Easy Ways To Sound Like Bebop on a C7


  1. Bill Ruxton

    Jens, Thank You for your lessons! I'm curious about the fuzzy blue thing at the nut on your guitar. Is that to act like the George Van Eps string damper also used by Herb Ellis and others, or to prevent sympathetic overtones from between the nut and the tuner posts? An ornamental "signature?" Exactly what is that thing? 🙂

  2. DevoShreds

    Jens, your videos have improved significantly with all of the video editing. The zooms, tab overlay, and theory overlay are incredibly useful. Not sure when you started doing this, but I'm amazed as always. Be well

  3. Shawn 71

    I like the way you were using that 3 NPS scale. Most rockers and fusion guys would call that a lydian mode(to me, without harmony, it's just another permutation of a major scale). But you ran the shape from the b7(low) to the Maj 3rd(high) of C7. cool.

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