Gary Clark Jr. – Catfish Blues [LIVE]


  1. Daniel Schaeffer

    It's really great that this guy is doing with the Hendrix legacy the precise opposite of what Monte Monthomery is doing. Monte takes it into a technical stratosphere where nobody can follow him. Gary takes it all back to,the Delta roots by capturing the raw emotion. Real blues has humor, dignity, stoicism and anger, all balancing each other out. And this guy has it ALL! Albert Collins would have loved this.

  2. LeftyHardtail

    like mcfly in back to the future, "I guess you youngsters are`nt used to this but your parents would have loved it" hahah epic old school music in a modern era

  3. The Maltese Bogart

    This guy is very very good…but there's only one Hendrix, just like there's only one Jordan. Gotta love someone still playing the blues tho.

  4. John Cena

    Still love the Hendrix version 1000000000 times better but this is pretty good

  5. Rory Beavins

    Yeah your crying won't make me stay. The More you cry little mama the further I'll go away. Haha no mercy, but so true

  6. Jens Lorenz

    This man rocks….I Love it. Volume Up and the living room is my stage….

  7. The One

    I wasn't too crazy about this guy before today, but I've had this on repeat all afternoon. This guy is a blues wizard, no doubt.

  8. Marcus Austin

    Thank you Gary ! You Motherfuckers are cool ! The Blues is dead as long as this cool motherfucker is breathing

  9. Adam Johnson

    I remember seeing GCJ in Miami and this guy no lie played like a 6-7 song encore. I'm like dude, we get it! longest concert ever lol

  10. John Leon

    Cool Bob Dylan on drums and Joe Bonamassa on bass and Will Smith guitar and vocals!!

  11. Nd Irish

    Just seen intro to NCIS New Orleans had to check him out so glad I'm did brilliant reminds me a bit of Jimmy Hendrix. That is a compliment

  12. BeardedButtCrack

    I love it. Gary Clark Jr. and John Mayer are the new Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn!
    Clark being Hendrix and Mayer being Vaughn of course!

  13. ddesign63

    Shame. Audience so sedate. Not at all the audiences of my childhood of the 60s and 70s. We've become more liberal but certainly less free and social. Smh

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