Gibson Dove from 1970 DEMO and many tips on guitar set up, truss rod adjustment and maintainance


  1. Tab Lature

    Your screen note — possibly made in 68 or 9 — is probably the correct manufacture date. I think in '70, they went away from the "tune-a-matic" bridge on these to a less bulky ebony bridge, w/same dove head inlays (some, if not all, of the early ones were rosewood as well). Also, in the very early seventies they went to placing the orange label inside, seen from looking through the soundhole. I didn't notice one on yours. Also, something about the serial # moved from inside to back of peghead, but not sure the date (mid sixties, I think).
    It's really frustrating trying to date Gibson's stuff. They were sloppier record keepers than I would have been, and I'm about as sloppy as they get. KEEP THAT RECEIPT, should whomever owns it should ever want to sell. It will do more to prove the approximate date of manufacture than Gibson's records, sad to say.
    "Got that old Gibson sound." Yeppers. Noticed that too. Considering it was a rare maple back and sides offering, the sound consistency with their other stuff is kind of amazing.
    Big thumbs up on the vid.

  2. Gary Rue

    I notice a huge tone and volume difference with the truss rod tight. always sounds better on the loose side. My 2 cents. Thank you Randy for the tips.

  3. mizudu

    535.00 dollars in 1970, for today 2017 is $3426.16, agree inflation, Ibanez made copy from that guitar exactly was Ibanez Concord E-693 with the dove in it, the only different was Japanes made the bridge, where you set the string with screws, where you can tide it if you need low the string a little bit.
    That's Gib sound awesome, after many years, Hippie era…. Woodstock festival, …. etc. etc , etc

  4. Shoman Blues

    New subscriber… Enjoy your vids,,, Overdosing on them for the moment. Thanks.

  5. Life After Work

    Randy, I've been playing for 50 years, and I still learn something new. Well maybe I learn something new, or I had forgotten then re-learned. At my age I never know. Anyway I learned of your channel over at Rosa String Works, so I subscribed. Enjoyed this older video, now I'll  do some catching up…Regards, Solomon

  6. John Davis

    You can play that Alice Cooper song all you want, but I'm not going to believe that you're "Eighteen"! 😉

  7. Robert Anderson

    Hey bro great video. Love your channel, I am working on a 54 Gibson J-160 E , I got it out of the trash 20 years ago, it's got a beer belly, it's a first year with the adjustable bridge, will your top fix work(the block, rod and screw method) I got the guitar in at least 5 pieces, I think it needs a truss rod, I put a new fretboard on but under string tension the neck bows, the guitar rivals Willie Nelsons "trigger" so nobody wants to work on it ,they tell me it's not worth it, but I love beaters so I have been working on it alittle at a time, just looking for some direction. Thanks for the great stuff and keep doing it.



  9. Joe Simon

    It would sound way better it you replaced that shock absorber adjustable saddle with a nice solid bone one.

  10. Tioga Fretworks

    1001% tightening the truss rod under tension – ESPECIALLY on an old Gibson – those truss rod nuts are often stuck, the threaded end will twist off under string pressure – then u have a real mess. I go as far as clamping the neck into the relief I want using 3 clamps and cauls. Then all u have to do is spin the nut up to touch the washer w absolutely NO STRESS on it. That's assuming your Dove has the regular Gibson truss rod end.

  11. Noel Cormier

    je vais m'acheter la GIBSON DOVE 2016 OU 2017. j'aimerais avoir le même modèle que ta guitare . Quand j'entend le son elle me fait rêver. je voudrais savoir le titre de ta chanson que tu chante. Au plaisir de parler Noel (MONTRÉAL)

  12. Mike Magnum

    One of my favorite videos Randy, Thank you! I forgot to mention that $500+ was a lot of money in 1970! If I recall correctly, I was making $1.85 an hour buckin bales back then….mid 70s pullin green chain, $4.85 an hour and that was considered "good" pay back then. 110,000 board feet per shift between 6 of us….Those were the days!;)

  13. Ronnie Williams

    Oh gosh, that ol' Dove sure does sound pertty! First off, thank you for the tips as many will be very helpful for me. It's really generous of you to share your knowledge and communicate with your subs. I have a 1956/57 Gibson J-50 with an adjustable saddle, just like the one on the Dove in this video. My father was the original owner and he gave it to me not too long ago and it's the most sentimental thing I have. Anyway, it's in mint condition with the exception of the adj saddle, which was ceramic. It split/cracked years ago right between the B & G string (I believe the metal shim under the saddle, providing some tension, might have caused this). Anyway, I have since swapped it out for Tusq, which they make a direct replacement for, to eliminate buzzing at the saddle. I have been told that bone would NOT work as it would be too much mass. Do you agree with this? Have you ever seen any of these in bone? Or just ceramic and rosewood? I kind of find it surprising that bone would be too much mass considering how much mass there is on a bone nut (i.e. nut width of 1 & 7/8 for 12 string). However, it does kind of make sense. I just wanted to get your thoughts and I apologize for the lengthy comment. As always, thank you for your help!

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