Guitar Tip #106: Let’s demystify the melodic-minor scale (Part 1). | By Adam Levy


  1. Rockett Roll

    Thanks for the information. I have been using some of the MM modes for years but never understood them all or their uses. This was very helpful.

  2. George Quinn

    I grew up listening to my sister's record collection, a mix of 78's and jazz albums. One fave was an Earl Bostic's recording of Earl Hagen's Harlem Nocturne. As it turns out, now that I've learned a little music theory, it was the minor sixths that drew me in.

  3. Trevor Rohwer

    Your videos are exactly what a guitar player like me needs.
    Thanks for all the time you've dedicated to helping us with the philosophical approach to the guitar.

  4. thormusique

    Just found your videos. Looks like an excellent series, thanks! Looking forward to exploring the melodic minor.

  5. Wayne Ridenhour

    I'm not sure why I was taught that Melodic minor scales raise both the sixth and seventh notes one semitone when ascending, and descends like the natural minor scale … Did I learn something wrong?

  6. Alex Farran

    Wow!.. This is absolutely perfect!… I was one of the voices requesting a melodic minor video.. Didn't expect a full series on it!! Your generosity is incredible Adam, thank you so much! Alex 🙂

  7. George Harvey

    Is it not forbidden to play the same melodic minor scale pattern ascending and descending, or is reverting to natural minor on the way down a classical/compositional thing? Thanks, Adam. Really looking forward to this series of tips.

  8. Facioguimaraes

    That major pentatonic minor 3d is awesome for blues too 😀
    It's like an economic Dorian shape, definitely using it now.

  9. Corey Williams

    Thanks adam! You the man, since our lesson I have been focusing on melodic comping and its has been so much fun!

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