How to Glue a Set Neck Guitar Kit (PRS Style) – – Guitar Kits


  1. Puryear Eaker

    I think you need to take some time and go to woodprix website to learn how to make it.

  2. Sam Hudson

    Is it really as simple as ligning up the neck according to the scale length and gluing? I have an Explorer kit and I'm scared to glue the neck in since if it's off by a little bit the guitar could sound bad. Any advice for an amateur builder?

  3. supercrackhead100

    It seems odd that the overall scale length is 24.5 inches. Obviously He checked it correctly, but the more common scale lengths are 24.75 (Gibson), 25.5 (fender strat and tele), 24.0 (fender jaguar) and 25.0 (prs I think). am I missing something?

  4. loadi2

    white glue…???????? yellow carpenters glue much better.

  5. Tim Staffell

    I don't think I would use PVA; it's slightly flexible. I'd use Cascamite. Much stronger, and absolutely rigid. 

  6. trillriff-axegrinder

    hi Matt,

    i know this was a year ago but you could counter sink the screws for the neck so they're below the surface and then fill the holes you left with either pieces of dowel cut off or maybe use wood filler then sand it down and then re fill it after it dries until its completely full.

  7. trillriff-axegrinder

    why would you want to,this is the purpose of a set neck guitar,to not look or act like a bolt on as it cheapens the whole thing.

  8. Devin Alumbaugh

    if your using a good build kit the part of the neck sitting under the pickup will be flat so the angle is perfect

  9. Andy Prokopyk

    You didn't measure neck angle. It could be that the bridge won't be able to be adjusted low enough or high enough to compensate.

  10. willrichtor

    PVA is Polyvinyl acrylate. Wood glue. There's different sorts, and they're all regarded as one of the best glues for guitar making. Not as traditional and repair friendly as hide glue, but more than strong enough. Even white Elmers school glue will make a strong neck joint.

  11. curemymind

    What kind of glue is PVA? You show us how to glue but you don't really go over what kind of glue to properly use.. Not all glues are created equal… So far i've heard about tightbond, epoxy, grillia wood glue, and hide glue. And they are different in how they glue. So mind inlighting us why you used that glue compared to others?

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