How To Solo Over Chord Changes & Compliment Chord Tones | John Mayer/Mateus Asato Inspired


  1. NowakP

    Did you break the headstock on that guitar? It looks interesting 😉 Also, now that I'm looking at it, you might have the only guitar signed by Pal Gilbert ;D

  2. ASentientKyle -

    How do you protect those signatures? I just got a pick guard signed with sharpie and I can't figure out how to protect it

  3. roneseus villocino

    i just don't understand why ur channel only has 9k subs.. u deserve more.. ur lessons are so helpful and meaningful. but anyways… hoping for more videos soon.😁😁😁

  4. Dorian Mario Croitoru

    Man, what you did to your fingerboard to look like that? It's amazing, I want to get the same look on my strat…

  5. Mel

    Make an hour of you just playing with this I'll watch it all

  6. Keezlovsky

    Hey Darryl, did you know you're going to do an Asato Baritone Riff lesson when you hit 10K subs? No? Well aren't you glad I let you know!

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