Inna Gadda da Vida (Lesson) – Iron Butterfly


  1. johnb zombie

    Thanks J.J. "Sitting In My Office"??? What's the story????? come on brother , do tell!!!Peace sorry for the misspelled word, duh…. Thanks for sharing your music, A big fan just outside Atlanta Ga… Peace…

  2. Cickstart

    sound like that to me too ….thank you for the awesome lesson JJ

  3. 1i1feat

    Inna Gadda da Vida and Smoke on The Water…..the two 1970's guitar riffs for any teen aged boy…….

  4. lokilewis

    Man I think that you got more T-SHIRTS than I do. That is in part why I watch your videos. Keep them coming man.

  5. ono 724

    Came for the lesson and got introduced to SIMO. My lucky day!


    Love it! Grew up with that song. Saw them in concert. Thanks!!

  7. Jeff B

    Nice, fuzz pedal or modeler????
    In the garden of Eden baby……

  8. Johnny Rogers

    This song and Closer To Home by Grand Funk Railroad were staples to my 8th grade band “Antithesis” in 1970. Great lesson as always.

  9. punkysdilemma

    Erik Brann and Danny Kirwan. Two pretty much forgotten guitarists, overshadowed by their bands, but excellent in their craft. The Ball album has such a fantastic guitar playing all over it!

  10. Jeff Curtis

    I used to LOVE this track. One day many years ago when I was living in LA I met Jim Hilton who had produced the album this was on. He seemed cranky about it for some reason—and when I asked what the inspiration for the LONG drum solo—(which I always thought was very cool)—he curtly said it was done because the song was terrible. : ) I wonder if he'd been screwed over money/royalties….

  11. Chris C

    SIMO… a great guitar player, his voice sounds alittle like Joe Cocker to me. Maybe a lesson is in the works??? Thanks James

  12. Randy Mony

    Excellent! Are you using an actual Big Muff? If not, what? It sounds just like it!

  13. DrRussPhd

    Great vid of one of the most histrionic songs in early rock 'n roll . . .

  14. pgrutube

    This song probably more than any song made we want to learn guitar when it came out. I was fascinated with Erik Braunn. I just couldn't believe his parents would let him play in a band like Iron Butterfly when he was only 17. Smart kid. I think he left a pretty good college to tour with them.

  15. pgrutube

    I saw JD Simo play at a stage outside the Guitar Show in Dallas-Cotton Bowl, like 4 years ago. I was just wasting time, taking a break and drinking a bear and I caught his set. It felt like I was time machined back to 1971. This guy blew me away with his beat up old ES-335 where he ripped a Bigsby off it. He's lost in time……If he was back in 1970's we'd all be taking about him now, like many other great guitar players.

  16. Guitarzan 44

    Great lesson and playing. Still have the vinyl from my wayward youth. Can’t make up my mind whether I love this or hate it. May as well try to learn it so I can put it to bed.

  17. zummo61

    Wow. Weird. I have Been playing this song last few days. What are the odds. Great live version on youtube with Larry ' the Rhino' and Mike Pinera. Fantastic lineup.

  18. nursesteve2004

    I read once that the Butterfly were in the studio were waiting for their producer to show up and then they were going to lay some more tracks down for their new, as yet untitled album, and just decided to warm up by doing an extended jam using a tune they had not yet completed; the recording engineer just happened to catch it all on tape, and when it was played back they decided to use it as-is, even though it took one whole side of an LP.

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