Learn How To Play Guitar Series Lesson 2


  1. Mohammad Mubdi

    Man, you are a great guy. You teach very well not to mention your kind behavior really touched me. i saw your 1st lesson video too. Thank you very much man….

  2. Andy McNeil

    Great! Great pace, great drills, great length of lesson, great demonstration … simply great! Thank you.

  3. Sleyah

    Why are the chords missing the fifth? For example, why is C only c and e but not g? lol What am I saying? I haven't even held a guitar yet.

  4. ImTheOnlyKat

    Dude do you know how to play any Avenged Sevenfold songs?! I be so interested then! Thanks for the help man!

  5. Sudarshan Kunwar

    man you are so good. i am learning it so fast…. its been 3 days and am moving on so nicely ..thanx man!

  6. FioriSama

    man my sister started to have guitar lessons but she left them and we have a guitar at home and noone using it.so i think im going to start having those lessons…are they good?

  7. nate7d2

    i am learning from you very quickly. once i get a little better a donation might be do possibly. saved me money from guitar lessons and am flying through it this way learning some very good basics!

  8. MrsRobinNL

    Ahh mannn those drills are HARD! But they really help 🙂 Thank you so much! <3

  9. J4m3z1


    Try the way Joseph teaches in the video, where you use all ur fingers except the pinky. So you use the finger next to your pinky for the high e string, and the other 2 fingers for the other string.

  10. xcreberx

    @rrockzilla try imagining that you have an egg on your palm when playing. that will help you in your left hand. and that your thumb wont make be horizontal to the neck. and also will make you really comfortable. and try elevating the neck of the guitar so it will be easier on your part. like your neck is almost on the level of your own neck or chest and try putting the body of the guitar between your legs and elevate the one leg where it lays.

  11. rrockzilla

    Hi .First of all, your videos are awesome. I started learning guitar like few days ago from your videos. I am having problem with my left hand. My fingers on my left hand start to become really slanted after the top fret. Thumb starts to go horizontal ( from vertical) as i move down the fret. What is the proper thumb position in left hand?

  12. slussen

    Thank you Mr., your lessons are great
    regards from
    Ludz – Stockholm, Sweden

  13. ScarletxCrimson

    Hey! These lessons have helped me sooo much! I've got G down pretty well, I think, but when I try to go back to C chord, I feel like I have to keep counting the strings or looking at my left hand to get my middle finger right, lol. I feel like even if I become better, I'll still run the risk of accidentally fretting the wrong string…

  14. PhantomRX

    Your first few lessons are awsome for Acoustic Guitar! Thank you very much for getting me started. Wish you had more, but I think we all understand that you have a life to live outside of youtube.

  15. Jasmine Phillips

    You know, not only are you great at guitar, but you're also a skilled teacher. Like how, in the first leasson, you tought us two simple songs that were easy to learn, but still gave us a sense of accomplishment! I gave up guitar lessons 'cause i felt like i wasn't learning anything. But i feel like i've learned something in the last two days just by learing those songs! Thanks a lot, man!

  16. Vu Hoang

    don't worry, maybe u lift up left hand much, just free your left hand , but the elbow MUST NOT touch the body… 😀
    Maybe it's help

  17. nonamedg

    I think it's normal according to the way you're holding / playing on the fret board.

  18. Dejan Vukobrat

    man, you are awersome, thank you very much, I taught of private lessons but this is much better. THANKS

  19. inukag9

    great lesson. I'd like to learn to play incubus drive, but the other vidoes i've checked are sort of confusing. i'd better understand if u could teach it. pleaseeee thanks you!!

  20. Mohammad Ahmed

    dude ur the best guitar teacher ever (honestly). ive been to many web sites to learn and u teach better than them thanx for uploading.

  21. TDoanLe

    G chord you strum all notse, C Chord you strum the bottom 5, excluding the 6th note.

  22. dibira1979

    MY FINGERS HURT! but its the good kinda hurt! really good lessons helps a ton! and that is a kick ass les paul wow!

  23. Cara Parish

    I have only got to lesson two, so dont know how many there are left – but i hope there's more!! Your the best online lesson I have found on youtube yet! please dont stop.
    Thank you so much!

  24. Joseph Kim

    keep moving on.

    theres no need to be extremely fast or anything.

    and you should keep doing the drills from the previous lessons anyways.

  25. Glenn McLaughlin

    hey bud, thanks, I have a guitar teacher off line and now online. I get to see you more! Thanks again glenn

  26. hannahbanana785

    THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!! I found my dad's old guitar that he never played and I was determinted to learn! I found your video and you're a great teacher! THANKS AGAIN!!!

  27. Joseph Kim

    look down at your fingers.

    your finger should be just LEFT of the fret from your perspective while looking at the guitar.

  28. Natalie Santiago

    i thought u were going back to the nirvana song u were teaching on the 1st lesson.:(
    i didn't get it the first time

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