Three Notes Per String Soloing with Nita Strauss!


  1. sgperson101

    Ah the comments section… full of people who are insecure about their playing and hence feel it necessary to nit pick at her lesson because of it, rather than actually absorbing the content

  2. Henry Kitzler

    All you guys with the stupid comments about her grow up, we don't see you on stage playing with Alice.

  3. Brian Embree

    Welcome to the comments section: where everyone is dying of thirst or else the world's best guitarist.

  4. Liquid S

    Not sure I understand u need to contact me u are not in trouble but u might be if you don't get back to I have found u leave it at that

  5. Ken T

    She's immensely overrated omfg… She doesn't have a style that separates her from the rest of the pack

  6. Jak Angelescu

    I'm confused. Around 2:30 she says "A natural minor " but she's playing an A major chord. Am I missing something?

  7. Nature Boy

    These are all patterns and phrases from the 1980's …..nothing of hers in here at all…..

  8. alex gl

    Omg. When she says “moving around the neck” i dont even think about the guitar neck

  9. Peyote Pete

    Yeah Ibanez! That SIG axe has some great inlay! If your heart ain't beating it will when you pick up that axe!

  10. Dean Macka

    Great stuff, love the paton on your guitar neck. Thanks for the lesson top stuff

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