Grounding the bridge on a Flying V Guitar Kit – – USA Guitar Kits


  1. Lord Jock

    I am having exactly the same problem on a LP kit . Unfortunatley the bridge is already in place . So I'll see how I go

  2. Joe Ferguson

    What type of wire (gauge, etc.) do you use and does it need to be a particular gauge?

  3. Joaquín Yfrán

    hi is necessary to install the ground wire, is that I made a homemade electric guitar quies concecto know if or not? elctrocutar I can not put the guitar if the ground wire. Answer me please I'm from Argentina

  4. Nidzdotnet

    Cool! Thanks for the response. I'm no expert on these things so I thought it worth asking.. I hope to see more kits in your range soon!

  5. Nidzdotnet

    Is this a design fault with the kits? Will this be fixed in the future? I believe there should be a hole already in the timber and an extra wire to run..

    In any case thanks for sharing.

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