Happy Together – The Turtles Free Guitar Lesson


  1. Dropjaw Bertone

    Thanks for the tutorial and for helping people learn this great song! To be clear, though… it doesn't actually fade out. It ends definitively on an F# (major) chord. Or an E in this case without a capo. After the long winding coda they finally end it. But again… thanks for the tutorial! 🙂

  2. Edwin Tapia

    alguien que sepa español que me diga que acordes son y el ritmo por favor

  3. AL theDoctorWho

    this was one of the first songs I played E was my favorite chord lol thanks this brings back memories c];-)

  4. Stuart Walker

    Takes me back to my youth.Thanks for the lesson.Nice and easy to follow,which is what I need at my age.

  5. Jose Luis Gonzalez

    hello how are you hear me chords could spend so happy together in Spanish because I'm from mexico if you could not hope your answer thanks

  6. Rose McIntyre

    This is my parents' song together. They're getting remarried next week and I really wanted to learn it for them. You've helped tremendously. Thank you.

  7. GookZoid

    Awesome! Thanks for this – great explanation of the strumming pattern!…

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