Hard Rock Guitar Backing Track in Am Rock Jam Tracks


  1. Guitar Maps Backing Tracks

    Beautiful… thats the beauty of the Guitar Map, shows every note you can play in that key giving freedom to the guitar player to explore and create something original, your own expression

  2. Guitar Maps Backing Tracks

    Thanks my friend, I created it for myself years ago and it worked, so I put it out there for anyone who might find it helpful. Appreciate you getting the Guitar Maps helps keep it going

  3. Guitar Maps Backing Tracks

    Created the Guitar Scale Maps for myself back in '06 , then with the backing tracks took me to a whole new level. Perfect way to learn by improvising over a track, and having fun doing it. Thanks for the comment

  4. Shane Metts

    I'm a guitar teacher in Shreveport Louisiana. I myself practice this very technique. I wish something like this would have been available 30 years ago when I first started learning! The perfect way to practice ….

  5. Florante Arrogancia

    i like to hear a backing tract that I can practice to play. can I request backing tract of the stranger oh the shore by eagles?

  6. Guitar Maps Backing Tracks

    Thank you for the thumbs up! I put time into my´╗┐ tracks and glad that people enjoy them.
    I am continuously working to improve the quality, and my studio setup is a work in progress Thanks for watching!

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