How to play ‘Captive Honour’ by Megadeth Guitar Solo Lesson w/tabs pt3


  1. Kazooka

    Sick solo Chris, could you maybe do Trapped In A Corner by Death next? Been struggling with that one for so long

  2. Tim Stefani

    Please please please do There's no sympathy for the dead by escape the fate

  3. TheHobster

    Please can you do a tutorial for the solo from In the presence of enemies pt. 2 by Dream Theater

  4. Aditya Tarde

    Hey Chris. Big fan of your channel! Can you do a video on fury of the storm by dragonforce?

  5. Gavin Wilson

    Great video like always. Please consider doing Victim by Avenged Sevenfold. Thank you for everything you do. You're the best

  6. Seal abhilash

    it has been a year that i take few of your lesson and do practice can you make any tutorial of andy james that will be great

  7. kim andre egenes

    Hey Chris! Please grant my wish and teach us, your devoted followers the solo to Dear god by ax7! We Will would be forever at your mercy

  8. MFN

    i wish Lepper messiah solo also,, if you dont mind…

  9. David FerrellMusic

    Runaway by Joe Budden. Its rap but the guitar solo sounds awesome and we can see you out of your comfort zone although that doesnt exist for you! Give it a listen.

  10. REALMZ

    So good! One day I'll be able to play this solo. Thanks for the lesson man.

  11. James Sullivan

    Why no FFDP lessons? I’d greatly appreciate a Bad Company solo lesson. Thanks Chris!

  12. omegakyratian

    Hey Chris would you ever consider doing a lesson on some parts of bipolarity by vitalism? Also great lesson thanks!

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