How to Play Crazy Train on Guitar – Ozzy Osbourne Riff Lesson


  1. Frank Paparo

    That is a really great video I've been wanting to learn this song, you are the only person that adds the fills! I like your approach you explain things very well thank you for sharing your talent I will definitely be a subscriber

  2. Bree Rich

    Now that we have Crazy Train down, do you have a lesson for Train Train buy Blackfoot?

  3. Bree Rich

    Ya know, on the last turnaround where we come off 2nd sting 2nd fret, to the pinky on the 6th string 5th fret, I like to skip the pinky reach by pulling off on the 2nd string, essentially playing it open. Sure the pinky reach looks cooler, but either way, open 2 or 5 on the 6th, it's all the same note. Besides, I think the pull off gives a nod to EVH.

  4. David Flint

    I know the song but I realty enjoyed watching you teach it. You are a natural instructor. Great job!

  5. John Chatten-berry

    i find the way you teach very easy to follow you are a good teacher keep it up, im learning lots from you stephenie, for that thank-you john

  6. N Cisco 78

    hey Stephenie awesome as always, learned the beginning of this year's ago but I never stuck with guitar but really determined to finish what I started, anyhow I never could get b the struming part on the open 5 in between the chords changes on the 4 3 2 strings up the nec. any suggestions for getting that chug type thing in any song

  7. MrBHBjr

    This is the first riff i ever learned, before i ever learned any chords! Nice lesson.

  8. David Brinkhurst

    … another awesome share and lesson! Thanks Stephanie for that 😉 Geee, is it just simpler to say thanks for all your great future lessons, lol

  9. Tool Dude Tony

    Excellent video! None of that beginner BS or unnecessary repeats. Quick and concisely done. This is how to do a lesson. Thanks for creating this for us!

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