“I Set My Face to the Hillside” by Tortoise: Jeff Parker Guitar Lesson


  1. lefty335

    Another brilliant and left field choice for a lesson. It’s great the way you shine a light on really interesting musicians and unique voiced players. Helping keeping my ropey playing interesting one guitar hero at a time!

  2. hudu

    Man, now Tortoise? I swear, you and I must have the exact same record collection.

  3. David Ewing

    Beautiful, Eric. I wasn't familiar with this tune. Gorgeous tone, too. With a Silvertone amp, no less! My first electric guitar and amp were Silvertones. I practically gave them away. Now they are probably worth a fortune.

  4. Michael in Awe

    Always do you… and I love the playing here a lot. But I gotta mention it one more time… I'd love to see how you approach jazz & swing playing!

    It kinda seem like it's not your taste of style but… ya know… stepping in the challange or unfamiliar lane can open up more technique and could help broaden your musical toolbox for you students! Idk you though. I'd rather you enjoy your days how you prefer livin' them.

    (Edit) – like Wes Montgomery or Gypsy Jazz Swing stuff.

    I know musical styles all kinda blend together at the edges, but yeah… I'm talking about the thick-jazz-mustache-of-a-style. Not just "jazziness", but the whole thaang!

    Peace man!

  5. Lorem Opossum

    Can't wait to try this one out. Really appreciate your teaching style and having a Tortoise tutorial is a + TOO!

  6. Lucky D

    Another tasty one. A real pleasure to be a follower Eric.

  7. Auxend

    Dreams do come true! Tortoise exists, and one of your favorite guitar guys on youtube does a lesson of one of my favorite Tortoise songs. This song is a highlight for me seeing them live. Good memories, Fantastic choice!

  8. mostlytranslucent

    Great choice of song, this kind of music doesn't get enough exposure among guitar fans. Love your teaching style too.

  9. Not Right Music

    You know a channel is legit when there's a Jeff Parker lesson on it!
    Well taught as usual Eric!

  10. Addison Neill

    Nice! Do you listen to Jim O'rourke, gastr del sol, or The sea and cake? They are some of my favorite Chicago musicians/bands along side Jeff parker and tortoise.

  11. Jay Baker

    Shit man. I love tortoise so much and this song is so great. I got to see them in a small bar in indianapolis several years ago. Fantastic video!

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