Rex Orange County – A Song About Being Sad Guitar Lesson


  1. Horchata

    Can you please cover or make a tutorial on Valentine’s Curse by Bane’s World 💗

  2. Jose Vazquez

    Please for the love of god do a tutorial for Spring Time Blues by M*A*R*S
    Edit: I love your videos, you have helped me improve so much with my chords I would not be the guitarist I am today if it wasn't for you.

  3. Kendell Robles

    Your videos are great but what would take your channel to the next level would be to mention a little bit of theory behind the chord progressions and scales used in the lead lines. It would really help understand the music more.

  4. lupe mora

    Aye por favor do mellow fellow don't you dare I kinda got it but I still a lot more to now how to play

  5. Armando Cabrera

    Thank you so much for all of these, I've gotten to be a much better guitarist and musician in general with your help, not to mention discovering so much awesome music!

    You should check out a band called "Mustard Service" they have a lot of cool songs that have a unique tone to them, kinda funky and groovy but also indie. My favorite is "Taking Up Space" you might like it too!

  6. Arne Pelgrims

    Afgaand op je manier van spreken gok ik dat je van Nederland afkomstig bent. Veel geleerd uit je video's. Bedankt daarvoor! Moest je eens tijd hebben, Whitney – No woman is een prachtig lied. Vele groeten uit België!

  7. Red Duck

    Amazing video man, love your work! A full playthrough of Mindwinder by Cuco would be absolutely incredible, have a great day man 🙂

  8. FЯLIX

    Does anybody know where Djence is from, I can tell he's Scandinavian but I'm not sure which part of that region. If anyone can tell me I'd love to know cos it's bugging me lmao, thx

  9. BananaBusDaniel

    I have a question for you guys
    I'm a beggining guitarist and I find most of these songs really hard but im only motivated to play the songs I like which is basically everything that Djence posts. From someone who has been in the channel for a long time, what is a song I can learn as a begginer but probably still be a bit challenging

  10. Adoomi

    i love your vids so much. please can you do Sick Feeling by Boy Pablo

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