The Voicing that Changes Everything | Spice up Basic Chords


  1. wattuser Kasso

    Amazing! I have an issue understanding the plucking pattern . It's simple enough but if there was a way to confirm which string you pick visually I might be able to copy your movement onto my own play on the guitar at the exact play along moment.Still great videos! Keep them coming 🙂

  2. Alok Saraswat

    Thanks for adding more and more ways to enhance our playing style and technique. Really appreciated

  3. stephen williams

    As always, professionally presented lessons, different and inspiring melodies and beautiful rhythms that make you never want to put your guitar down.🖒🖒 luvin yr work Marco!

  4. marty james

    Fabulous lesson again – so useful and unique. I recommend you set up a donate button on your web page so people can help you financially if they can as a way of saying thanks!

  5. nick name

    harmonizing the scale with intervallic arpeggios lesson …please

  6. David LeGalley

    Than you Marco. Beautiful chord-note changes. Very pleasant soundings (voicings I guess is the right term) to inspire & make practising more enjoyable. Graize mille!

  7. ivo Dave

    I would like to thank you for your help. I have played the guitar for about a year, and your tutorials are why I can evem play the guitar.

  8. Steven Brooks

    I very much love your style and good fun way of teaching. I am learning classical so the picking patterns very much help me. Also naming the beautiful chords is such wonderful knowledge. I am trying to learn the very serene pieces you play. You seem so relaxed in your music and personality. May Jesus protect you. I share with what my late wife used to tell me each day.

  9. Valarytian Morghullis

    Very beauty chords. Thanks. Have arpeggios with hamers and pull offs? Style The Hobbits or Misty Mountain Song? Great Cirillo.

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