Tim Lerch – Blues for Josh Smith


  1. David Amason

    Brother-this is the Guitar that best fits your SOUL !!!! I just Love the sound and feel you get here !!!!

  2. George Cole

    I Love That Guitar!!! I'm sending my guitar to you so you can get it set up the same as that one 🙂 Man it sounds good!

  3. Glide Consulting

    Tim this is awesome … love the tone and feel of this piece … as usual your touch is magical … peace

  4. mrryanocerus

    to clarify also…the reason i’m wanting to play this style is to be able to play a solo guitarist blues gig. so that’s why i’m trying to find out how to develop a playing ability like this. i think it would lend well to that type of gig

  5. mrryanocerus

    ok i love this style of playing and have been watching andy brown and your stuff…i want to play this way but i feel hard pressed to find any sheet or tabs. any help or advice you can give me? what do i need to do/ practice to be able to play like andy brown lol i’ve looked at ted greene’s chord sheets as well. that’s pretty much all i can find though.

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