Clair de lune – Debussy (guitare)


  1. Der Letti

    What a fantastic version of one of the most beautiful pieces of music! I like this interpretation so much.

  2. Alison Dailey

    so beautiful… my playing of Clair de lune sounds NOTHING like this. Roxane ~ you must have practiced this piece for YEARS. Lovely. Thank You.

  3. Diego munoz

    Me extraña mucho a la vez que me pica la curiosidad de saber por qué aproximadamente 150 personas llevaron a voluntad el cursor hasta el botón del pulgar abajo en este video. Tu habilidad es increíble, gracias por haberlo compartido.

  4. Dav!d

    Quanta magnitude!!! Linda canção, tocada por mãos tão suáveis e precisas!

  5. WheatWormStudios

    This one = one direction, Nickel back
    Mozart – Bach – Beethoven = lynyrd skynyrd, metallica

  6. Athena Sk

    who could ever click "unline" on this video?please people,stop being jerks.if it's not your taste,you can easily switch to another tab.this video is very beautiful

  7. 나락

    당신의연주에 반한 저는 그저그런사린ㅁ

  8. John Lind

    Absolutely outstanding … both in technique and musical interpretation.

  9. AxCYeR

    one of the best things i have seen. amazing arrangement, perfomance, tone, overall quality… something out of a dream!

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