Driven By You – Brian May – Guitar Solo Lesson (Guitar Tab)


  1. silvaglorioso

    Another one great lesson! Thanks 🙂

    It would be great as well if you could sometimes say what pickups combination you are using….

    Any chance that you someday do a lesson for the guitar solo from Wembley 86? Not easy due to all effects and stuff but…would be great!

  2. Alvaro Sanchez

    I have ready my brian may guitar and really I been starting to play guitar now thank a lot

  3. haraldamsterdam1988

    Hi James! Even before i watched the video i already pressed like!❤️ glad you have the solo together. Waited for it a long time 😁

    Im gonna play that solo one day.
    You have the backing track for it?

  4. Alvaro Sanchez

    God bless you sir I have go long time search this song melody on my life thank you for share this video

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