Jason Hook – Master Class guitar lesson


  1. jonnyQuest

    Not really a 5FDP fan, but I always thought Jason was an excellent guitarist, and Loved his solos. He should be better known than he is. He's great!

  2. Max Greene

    Your style is badass. The riffs are so proper with a classic yet modern metal sound.

  3. Max Greene

    Dude your gunna be beyond stoked on my new patented guitar and bass neck. I prototyped it and am finishing up my sponsor vid demo with 20 1 min riffs. It allows you to get sounds never heard or were capable on any guitar ever built!! It's hard to play. For 6 or 4 string so it's not a big ass neck. My uncle Gary Lucas gram nom with Joan Osborne. Jeff Buckley ( grace / mojo pin) Chris Cornell Ect. look forward to gettin you a proto! I'll send the vid

  4. Preston Greatness

    I'm not a 5fdp fan, however I'm a fan of Jason. Dude is so fluid and clean and precise. very underrated player and I love watching videos of just him to hear his genius.

  5. Tattood 1969

    Man this guy's picking is fkn clean and exact. I started listening to 5FDP in the gym for lifting and really became a fan of Jason's playing. I will follow his career for sure. Need's another solo album for sure…..

  6. RWM0000

    So much easier to learn today with the people who wrote the song showing you how to play it. Still it would be great to have an app where you could zoom in and slow down the finger changes. Back in the day all we has was a shitty record player you could slow down to 16 RPM so it was an octave lower and to learn the part you had to keep putting the needle back. Very good ear training though. 5FDP, one of the great metal bands out there today. A cut above.

  7. Michał Matejuk

    Why it's called masterclass? I can play all of that stuff in my bedroom, why I'm not famous yet?

  8. Joshua Bearden

    I am A FFDP fan, And in my opinion, Jason Hook is one of the best guitarist out there in modern hard rock. Great video, man.. Hope to see more.

  9. taradead

    that last lick is played on only the first two strings (looks & sounds like more) and uses only the pinky, middle and index finger on the 19th, 15th and 12th frets. He incorporates that little double upstroke/mini-sweep (mentioned in the first lick) to speed it up. A lot easier to play on my Les Paul (shorter scale) than my strat.

  10. Bang

    never listen to this guy till today..good hands..definantly not a slacker..spent his time practicing for sure.. first lick is jake e lee..second lick is paul gilbert..3rd lick is joey taffolla…the last stretch lick is basically gilbert meets jake e lee

  11. Connor Deal

    I know what you mean about tying to slow stuff down. It's damn near impossible.

  12. moshpit

    I respect the playing skills but the guitar is really ugly. I do like the deeper cutaway.

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