Learning How to Play Horizontally on the Guitar (and Why) – Steve Stine Guitar Lesson


  1. DarrenTWC

    Great lesson ! 🙂 you're my best guitar teacher on the Internet THANKSSSSS

  2. Shawn Jones

    I play horizontal because i want to look extra flashy and talented to non players xD. Srs. It looks boring and simple if i stay in the same area no matter how unhumanly fast i play so I move to same notes elsewhere

  3. adamaze

    Hi Steve … A B C# D E F# G# …where can i learn those ?

  4. Jason Mcminn

    Ghost hunter said I need to get record melody just one song so what's the differences in a sound garden that's what that sounds like with a Irish twis to megadeth melody you teach in dgcfad. Melodey

  5. Joe Metal

    You're an excellent guitar teacher, I wish you could ever teach me in person but I live overseas😂! You explain and demonstrate really well, even people who never picked up a guitar can understand easily! Keep up the good work sir🖤

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