One Note To Change Them ALL (PLAY ALONG Blues Jam Track)


  1. YourGuitarSage

    Thanks for stopping by and watching this video my friends! Did you guys enjoy this style of video? Let me hear your feedback below. More videos coming this week so hit the Subscribe and Tap Notifications so you don't miss out on the next one. Going Live this week too so have your guitar questions ready. e 🙂

  2. Diego O' Land

    It's not the where but the when that's my hang up. Still sorta sound like "are you sure that note's ligit?" Recording myself over the jam track is helping. I mean, if I don't like my phrasing on playback, well….maybe that's telling me something.

  3. Kipperbob Sam

    Good instruction, I really need to watch again and take notes because I just throw the blue note in random, never thought of organising how I use it to see the different ways listed would be cool, thanks dude!

  4. normand madeleine

    Great vdo… You really have the gift for teaching… Everything you say and show becomes so clear and simple… Thank you again.

  5. Mark Merithew

    That’s some mighty fine Louisiana gumbo you’re cooking Erich, just right on the kick.

  6. Kerry Mcclain

    How can I use the blue note in gospel music that is pretty much all that I play? And thank you for your videos

  7. Chris Bramblett

    Thanks for the explanation as I was completely unaware of this note and technique. This begins to answer one of my questions which was after learning the pentatonic scale now what?

  8. jn-guitar

    Oh yeah Erich, Great stuff as soon as I get a few extra bucks I am all in on the USGS !!

  9. David Henderson

    Were you channeling BB King ? Now were talkin that really speaks to me… Love it Keep um comming Erich

  10. Ty Seitz

    Hey Erich,
    Can you use the blue note at the start of a phrase or is it better to work into the note first.

  11. Mary Beth Hempel

    Great demonstration with and without the blue note!! Thank you! Love playing with this Jam Track!! 🙂

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