Slow Blues Guitar Backing Track in A minor Jam Tracks in Am


  1. Thomas Colvin

    Thanks for yr reply. Well, yes, I guess guitarists need to know where each note is on the fretboard too. In my experience on stage, musicians often refer to scale degree — hey, you play the flat 3rd — especially if their are horns in the group. Look forward to your lessons. You are providing a rich service to guitarists — and even harp players like me.

  2. Guitar Maps Backing Tracks

    Thanks for the suggestion, it is appreciated. I used notes to help me learn memorize where they all are on the fret-board. The Guitar Maps Catalog actually has a brief section explaining the Modes and Degrees of the scale. I am always trying to find ways to help fellow guitar players improve their playing and enjoy the guitar as much as I do. I am thinking about adding some lesson videos soon, just been working on tracks. Glad you enjoy the tracks

  3. Thomas Colvin

    Love your video backing tracks. SUGGESTION: Rather than use NOTE names on your fretboard chart, why not use NUMBERS to designate degree of the scale. You will help guitarists learn relative pitch, and how easy it is to move from key to key with same patterns.

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