3 Doors Down – Here Without You – How to Play the Intro – Guitar Lesson tutorial


  1. Sigeuria

    Marty, you're great.  Really helps newer players like me when you repeat the picking patterns a couple times.

  2. Kostina Trnava

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  3. Tony N

    Great Video. Are we supposed to tune down the guitar ? Could I just use a capo ?I love that guitar !! Could I buy it off you or where could I get a similar one from ? Regards

  4. Gabrielle Bruckner

    I don't wanna have to 'detune' and 'retune' my guitar…think I'll just buy a new one so I have one tuned in each key that I need.

  5. Jeremy Ryder

    help I tuned my acoustic guitar half step down but whenever I take my middle finger off from the b minor and play the string open it dosent sound like the way It should in the song!! plsss HELP!!!!!!

  6. Michael Kwok

    Can you do the intro to Save Yourself I'll Hold Them Back by My Chemical Romance

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