Fleetwood Mac / Santana – Black Magic Woman [RHYTHM] Guitar Lesson Tutorial – JustinGuitar


  1. Roger Appleby

    Hi Justin, is that chord rundown the same as sultans of swing ? Thanks for your videos

  2. azdh85224

    Great lesson on one of my all time fav songs – both versions are fantastic!

  3. billi293

    can you make us a video tutorial for the song of the singer Baltimora "Tarzan Boy" because in guitar she is very cool

  4. billi293

    Justin you offer us a beautiful gift by publishing your guitar lessons they are very precise and easy to play thank you for this nice gift and good luck ..

  5. El Ing. López

    Just very nice Carlos' theme in! I like much minor tonality sounds on clean electric guitar. Greetings from Mexico north border.

  6. Keef

    great LESSON Justin. Of course now you have to have a follow-up lesson on the lead part:)

  7. Shreyas Bhatt

    really love your tutorials, easy and simple. Could you do ob ladi ob lada by the beatles?

  8. Ron T

    Another great lesson Justin ,the singing also has me singing along at 11am here in Toledo ohio …the singing helps the hands, chords movement with timing …really good stuff

  9. Rachael Buchanan

    I'm having a hard time figuring out that lick at 11:14. Would you mind explaining it with a simplified TAB? Thanks for all you do Justin!!

  10. Music Letters

    wow, you are doing Santana!! that's awesome. And: finally some latin themed song! 🙂

  11. Graham Lawrence

    If you’re a guitarist, you can scrabble around the internet looking for buried treasure. You can find plenty of people who will sell you stuff, some of which is aimed at their salesmanship and their income stream rather than at providing value for customers – but some of which is terrific. Then you find someone who just gives you handfuls of gold and diamonds without asking anything of you. Justin Guitar – some of the not-so-buried wonderful treasure of YouTube. Value him as you value your practise time. I love him. (Don’t tell my wife, I don’t mean it like that!)

  12. dmike03

    Dude that bit around 16:55 when you said "like that stopped it being a massive world wide hit" had me dying! I've found mself doing that. And thinking who the hell am I to tell ( insert guitar legend here ) how they should've done it!

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