Godly Guitar Chords


  1. KozmykJ

    Yup the bass player in me went to C for the 1. But maybe I was hearing it too conventionally …

  2. Purple Haze

    Dude is there any such thing as gay guitar chords? Cuz I'm gay and well I wouldn't want to be a hypocrite playing only guitar chords that straight guys play….It would just be too hypocritical on my part.

  3. Thunder Buddy

    Someone should take that FUGLY thing masquerading as a Strat and part it out. Trash the pickup and bury that pickguard 10 feet under

  4. Bill Evans

    So definitely your brother, right? Because if you didn't know that's your brother…it is.

  5. David Hesson

    It does not matter what you play as long as you have a few strymon pedals in your church band

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