How To Play Every Major And Minor Scale All Over The Fretboard – Part 2 – Guitar Lesson – WITH TABS


  1. Glideslope

    Is this man Jesus?and if not,make him Jesus because he just solved everyone’s problem

  2. David Fletcher

    Essentially are you not just playing the modes?…I mean 'A' major is 'F#' minor (exactly same 7 notes). So pattern 1 in 'A' Major starting on F# is the Aeolian minor scale, the 6th mode of 'A' major. Following on to pattern 2 'G#' Locrian half diminished, Pattern 3 'A' Ionian major, Pattern 4 'B' Dorian minor etc etc?

  3. Adrian Critchley

    Thank you, mate. I'm already a better guitarist having watched this and started to practice what you've taught me.

  4. Danny Mousa

    this video is the best way to learn scales..I didnt believe it is that simple..thanks alot from Syria bro 🤘 btw..I love Machine Fucking Head 🤘🤘🤘

  5. Robinson Zapata

    great most useful video , I had the same problem but thanks to your video clarifying scales and how to apply them!

  6. Matt Tompkins

    I suppose if it makes it clearer or easier, every major scale has a relative minor scale. This basically means the major scale for one note is also the mi or scale for another.

  7. Jeg Carter

    Dude this is an awesome video (Part 1 & 2 both). Too many people beat around the bush and get overly technical when explaining scales and their patterns but you got straight to the point.

  8. Wrath Gamer

    Great job on making this video bro. I could see you put on a lot of efforts to read and reply the comments in details. Thanks a lot! Keep it up!

  9. abul fazl

    I really appreciate for the video…even i was having the problem that you have earlier but with your video I got to learn something about scales…..but I have one more question if you don't mind (you were taking an example about A major) but what if I want take F major with 1st position style then how should I start ?

  10. Jim Legge

    This really helped me.  I always hated the idea of learning scales, but this makes it clear and not so painful.  Thanks !

  11. Timothy Harrison

    now where does modes come into play? like there are 7 modes doesn't that mean there should be seven positions or something?

  12. nahtz.

    i know you put this up in 2013 but thankyou so much, youve helped a lot. i always thought if i wanted to play in a certain key or mode, id need to learn every single pattern.. (i thought for every key there was a lot of different scales) but now that ive learnt the 5 patterns and learnt how to apply them to my playing its helped me so much.. like i actually understand haha, now i can play in minor and major.. just so i ensure i understand correctly, the order would be pattern- 2,3,4,5,1 for major, and 1,2,3,4,5 for minor (with position 1 starting on the root note)?

  13. Lonne Olmeyer

    Ever since I started practicing guitar I have been wondering how guitarists even still know what's a scale and what isn't. You made it work in two easy videos. Thank you very much, I can't wait to get started with this!

  14. CAVERN1234

    So A maj pattern 1 is f# min is an easier way to explain it. Pattern 1 is the relative minor to the major scale

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