How to Play Love Song by The Cure – Easy Acoustic Songs on guitar – Lessons


  1. heart in Pain

    Hello, such a beautiful song Man! Can you please add the chords on the screen the way you did for Reduption song of Bob Marley? Thankssss

  2. Boy Bobbette

    marty, i went to your website, where it says "get your free video blah blah blah free this that free blah blah!" i didn't believe it, of course, but it never said anywhere anything but FREE etc FREE etc FREE. and then … what happened. guess.

  3. sophia maniskha

    You are really look like my uncle, who was die 5 years ago. Everytime i miss him, i'll always see your video. 😊

  4. Mara Christy FleitasRovira

    thank you ! I really love this song and thanks to you I can learn the guitar with it. I am a beginner…and really motivated now. Thanks!

  5. Freya Lavin

    I've just started to learn the guitar, and this is the first song I've learnt. You're an awesome teacher, this is a top tutorial 🙂

  6. Niroshan Fernando

    Great video tutorial! I'm guessing you can use the same open major and minor chords to play this Cure song on an electric guitar as well? In a 2 guitar band, one person can use the open chords that you're using, which would probably be best suited for the singer/rhythm guitarist. Meanwhile, the second guitarist can play the barre chord equivalents of those open chords & that repetitive, droning/chiming guitar lick (which is sadly omitted from your lesson).

  7. Ava 124

    this was very helpful, learned it in 10 minutes! thank you 🙂

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