How to solo in Drop Tuning lead guitar soloing lesson using pentatonic scales and arpeggios


  1. Dave C.

    how do u create ur sound? I love a deep mean sound!! thanks

  2. Frank Bean

    Thank you for a great lesson, I see my metal roots merging well with my finger pickin chicken lickin!

  3. OneEyE Monster

    it's all down hill once you pretend the 5th fret is the nut
    If you want to go major…just pretend it's the 3rd fret.
    add the 2 notes accordingly to get different modes or scales.

  4. killiecommie

    your doing 10 and 14 not ten and 13 on 5 51
     and then you hit 16 not fifteen also it sounds and looks like.

  5. Malice

    Nassie ripping on core kids?! Lmfao I love this guy! Great lesson too

  6. James

    Idc how immature this is.. but I laughed when he said the g string. Lol

  7. pedraw

    @EddyGrecia I use 13 gauge strings on my Jackson baritone which is tuned to B standard

  8. David Nassie

    @caveman1968 Hey guys, That guitar is a Charvel Desolation. Newer to Charver they are amazing guitars.. thanks for checking out the video!

  9. David Nassie

    @luissimao83 Thanks man, I play with a group called Bleeding Through. Appreciate you checking it out!

  10. Tyler Fernatt

    @rockongoodpeople Awesome! I do love Dave and David's lessons as well, in fact I haven't seen any instructors on this youtube page give a bad lesson, I just find myself missing Willie! haha.

  11. luissimao83

    good job bro,cool riiff there.just wondering you have a band we can check out. cheers

  12. EvaSlash

    @ShakeZulaTheMicRula he is busy double fisting girls where else?!

  13. carolina beachin

    @motorcitymadman06 i hear ya. that axe is sweeeet. i wish they would add the description of the axe with the other related information myself. maybe someone will chime in and clear this up for us, my guess is it may have something to do with an advertising situation or conflict of interest? btw love the videos, you guys rock. and clue us in on the gear. ill be looking all over google images to figure this out now. 🙂

  14. jason gould

    Hey Dave, just wanted to say that I liked next level guitar before, now it's great. Thanks for all the great metal lessons.

  15. rockongoodpeople

    @ShakeZulaTheMicRula – hi – more lessons with Willie coming soon – please stay tuned – he is back! Rock oN!
    -David T

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