How to use the new High Build guitar finishing oil on the Zebrano Descendant


  1. Casey McLane

    that 'star' is almost hypnotic, my brain is still confused as to comprehending what it actually is haha
    looks so cool though!

  2. Alesis Player

    That white powder looks like the powder that French Polishers use called Pumice you can get it in different grades ,,, 🙂 so we getting what looks like a French polishing Class 🙂

  3. lee Delysid

    I got a question, I never tried applying oil with sandpaper and it looks really promising, but does it work if there's stain on the wood ?

  4. Brandywine6969

    Whoever plays that guitar is going to feel great every time they pick it up! I think you used the wrong kind of spoon with it though.

    No, really. What is the powder? I'm guessing it must be finely ground flour, baking soda, ash, confectioner's sugar, cocaine, baby powder, alum, or a mixture of all of the above.

  5. Robert Anderson

    I'm thinking micro balloons would make a great filler etc hope I didn't rat u out I'm old what's there to

  6. ydin9

    Really like how the oil brought down the cut patters, making it more subtle and calm with the rest of the body. There's certainly lot of potential to resin based designs for "dull" wood patterns.

  7. Andy Holt

    Think about it…. if it's pumice [which is just grit after all] and you add that to 1500 grit wet/dry paper aren't you just lowering the grade of the 1500 down to whatever grit the pumice happens to be? Is this science, is it marketing, is it witch-craft?

  8. Kevin Hill

    Pumice, Rottenstone, or Tripoli? Some type of powdered stone material is my guess.

  9. JH Scofield

    Thanks for doing another longer video Ben. I like when you can take time to delve into your subject without the video feeling rushed. Cheers!

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