Wrapping Paper (Lesson) – Cream


  1. Andy Wilkinson

    Your skill is unmeasurable…your ear is perfect…your licks are spot on ….I look forward to every video you put out …but this is the worst song Cream has ever recorded…its forgotten for a reason….In an interview ginger baker says" wrapping paper is pure rubbish"….rock on JJ

  2. Shellback41

    Many thanks for putting this song up. Always really liked it. First heard it on an old Cream 'best of' compilation many years ago and loved the chord sequence. Jack's jazz background I suppose.

  3. Sgtpepper 909

    Loving the shirt as always JJ 👍 also i loved the “don’t get lazy like that” comment haha

  4. Adam B

    Do you know why youtube doesn’t take down most older songs (except the Beatles) for copyright? Anytime I try to upload songs from the 21st century they get taken down

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