Amy Winehouse – Stronger Than Me Guitar Lesson Tutorial (Esteban Dias)


  1. vivlove

    your version of playing this is song is my favorite!!! thank you:)))

  2. Jacob Davis

    Hey spike, this is me bro. Look forward to working with you one day! Thanks for subscribing and watching my videos man!

  3. Ian Woodfield

    cheers for that mate, good work 😀
    chords are (I think):

    Am/D (the one only played every other time)

    G9no5 (Fb5/G) /not sure which one to use here depending on what tune it is written in^^

  4. Paula Cordoba

    soy argentina no hablo ingles y de todas formas te entendí gracias fuiste de gran ayuda

  5. Drayton Rowe

    Awesome. I tried figuring it out by watching one of her live performances, although that did me no justice. Thanks dude!

  6. PimpLimp 007

    lol new though screen keyboard copy and pastes stuff all the time lol sorry not last message i have chubby fingers and sometimes i click the wrong shit lol but i was trying to say you have helped me spike dias thank you

  7. PimpLimp 007

    hello i am jason im 16 nd i have been biting off of you for a while witch is me stealing someone's else guitar skills during their lessons i youst to watch videos of lessons but now i read tabs ive been playing for 5 months and i can basically play anything but when i was just starting you really ive been wrong many times in my life.. but i do knw tht pain goes away as time passes.. nd its person u love thhelped me so much that i still stop by to see your new videos. keep doing what you do bro

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