Easy Blues Guitar Lesson A Groove


  1. ask1962

    Wonderful lick! Thanks for a great lesson. What a super sounding Telecaster you got. Maybe I should incorporate “a Tele” in my guitar arsenal mostly consisting of … Strats…

  2. Faef Lemon

    @iamisaid2 Use Pick. Otherwise, Electric Guitar'll ruin your fingers. True story u.u

  3. rednetrab111

    I like it… maybe slow it down some 'cause I had a hard time keeping up… but something I will watch more than once.☺

  4. RAM5EZ2e0

    Thanks a lot, that just added a whole new style to guitar playing. Very good.. thanks sensei

  5. lebelle07


    Thanks man, I'm gonna check all your videos now 😉

  6. msnormand

    Great stuff…playing along on mandolin! We're gonna add some blues to our bluegrass duo set list ! LOL Keep 'em coming! Great find!

  7. musicmatty67

    Great lesson..well explained and easy to use in other keys. Could you show us some open notes like the Buck Owens, Don Rich style in the key of A around the 2nd 3rd frets??
    Thanks MusicMatty

  8. guyonguitar

    Thanks for your nice comment. Yes I am using a pick. I like to use a small medium jazz type pick so its easy to use my fingers along with a pick at times.The rhythm is a steady groove that will take a little time to get but it will pay off and be a lot of fun. Also I like to play an open A string comp while I play the groove in the A position Its good practice. Thanks for watching. John

  9. Steve Baxter

    I like it. You explain how to play in the best fashion. Question: Are you using a pick? When I finger pick this, I have trouble keeping a good rhythm, perhaps I just need more practice.
    Thanks for you videos…

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