Guitar Lessons Learn How to Play Country Guitar Solos like Albert Lee Danny Gaton Brad Paisley


  1. Sameer Padhy

    Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else trying to find out the best online guitar coursewhat is the best online guitar course try Elumpa Simple Guitar Alchemist (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my co-worker got cool results with it.

  2. Nov

    I get what exactly he does, but my fingers seem confused.  

  3. johnmagic1000

    Doug, you need to slow down your lessons. Anyone that can follow what your doing wouldn't need lessons.

  4. Quaddie

    Hi all. Please check out my new little split screen cover of Brad Paisley's This is Country Muisc with me playing. Go to my channel, agat1973 to check out the video. It's just a bit of silly fun and done with the complete respect and affection for Brad. I'm planning to organize doing one or more of these with a load of my muso mates from around the world. If you're interested in being involved let me know

  5. Donald Gilman

    Hey guy what the hell are you talking about? He's not showing off or acting arrogant, he's just showing some guitar licks and styles. Thats what a solo is! Showing off your guitar skill. Go smoke a joint, learn how to solo so you can get laid you hater!

  6. Guy Fawkes

    oh he's just the badest ass on earth. You know what? People like think their style is superior. There are other styles out there too you know.
    RESPECT is the key word! A person can get the gest of another style, but might actually be better in their own thing! I can't stand arrogant jackasses!

  7. Heather Gray

    if you dont like this your a retard. Man its hard to get the right hand going that fast the left is super easy. I cant get the right

  8. Neville James Martin


    Man, i think all that's required is a Tele and a 'Fenderish' amp set clean but vol slightly breaking up, like a Deluxe Reverb. That and hours and hours of practice.

  9. cazulu3

    Great exercise for building up your hybrid picking skills.

  10. Guitar666

    wow, that was actually pretty cool, but the slow part could have been even a bit slower….for me 😉

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