How to play Location by Khalid on Guitar


  1. Jed Ant

    Hi All,
    I noticed a few of you asking about strumming pattern but I'm not sure how to explain it through text because I kind of improvised it as I played.

    I think the main thing I try to do whenever I play any song like this is to hit a percussive strum on the 2 beat and sometimes the 4 beat. It sounds like I emphasize the bass notes or play bigger chords a bit more on the 1 beat sometimes the 3 beat. Whenever I add a few extra strums (8ths or 16ths) I focus on hitting the higher strings.

    Also important to add silence in between your playing when you can to get the ears anxious about the sounds you play (aural foreplay).

    All together I guess my goal whenever I play is to cover as much frequencies as possible and to sound as full as I can from just the guitar.

    I'll make sure to include a strumming pattern section in future vids but really, you can flavor it up any which way you like.

    I hope you all can get some sense out of this. Thanks all for watching!

  2. S Es

    Love love love your playing!! What type of guitar is that???


    Hi Jed, not sure if it is much of your style, but could you make a tutorial of Second Time by Bruno Major? 🌹

  4. Matthew Saavedra

    I don't understand why people need a strumming pattern, you can feel it just grove to what you think it should be

  5. Josh Law

    This really helped I had watch about four different tutorials before and still couldn't play it but after about 10 mins of watching your vid I can play it

  6. Dennis Goc-ong

    Great tutorial almost perfect, I read your explanation on strumming pattern but I find it difficult to understand. I hope you emphasized the strumming part on the video so it would be easy to apprehend. Amazing voice keep it up. I'm still figuring out the strumming pattern by the way πŸ™

  7. Cristian Marin

    Dang dude! Thanks for helping me learn how to play it! You have a really good voice man! Keep it up!

  8. Abril Lara

    hello, I really like this video because we have the same guitar and I feel like it helps more. do you think that you could make a video explaining where to put the gripper? and also the strumming patter, I know you said that you just improvised but still show us what you did?

  9. Aumi

    most accurate version ive seen so far i think

  10. Anastasia Garcia

    i cant believe you got this from your head… the beginning sounds so amazing πŸ˜­πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ’•

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