Insane Rock Backing Track in Am _____Audiomosaic backing track for guitar


  1. Manuel Figueiral

    this channel is just amazing! the backing tracks are awesome and the background picture with the scales on it is really really helpfull. and allow me to have a lot more fun jamming to this tracks! thank you so much, keep it up! greetings from portugal!

  2. swanclipper

    i don't know how i came across this…………….. BOOKMARK FAV THUMB AND RE-VISIT

  3. audiomosaic

    @MiasmaClouds Thanks!! Hopefully this one will turn into a full song if I can ever get around to getting an real album done. Glad you like it!

  4. MiasmaClouds

    This is undoubtedly the most amazing back track on YouTube.
    I listen to it in my free time because it's just that beautiful.

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