Led Zeppelin “Immigrant Song” Guitar Lesson


  1. Luke Holloway

    Hey can u plz do a knee deep finger style tutorial( and maybe check out a new band called spirit animals)

  2. enderassasin515

    I know I mentioned this before but please please please; teach us "don't be cruel". I got family coming over and I would like to play that particular song for them. thanks in advance.

  3. lyrics lyrician

    Hello Mr. Marty Schwartz. Can you make a lesson in Milow-My mother's house. I could not find any tutorial. And I would love to play the song if I knew.
    And thanks for this lesson.

  4. Tony Stark

    Marty! Great video as usual! Can you do a video on machine gun man by Zakk Wylde??

  5. landon sandler

    I hope you see this comment, can you PLEASE do either Glitter and Gold or Fire by Barnes Courtney

  6. Spacey Dawg

    Hey marty! I was wondering if you could do Johnny Winter's version of rock me baby. It's one of my favorites

  7. Robert Talbot

    Hey Marty, another great lesson. please keep it up..how about tom sawyer by rush. for your next lesson

  8. antoine lesieur

    Yeah ! I was waiting and so impatient to watch this lesson on your channel. Thanks a lot Marty 🤘

  9. Aytonn

    Literally got my new guitar today and searched for cool song to play and I've just remembered that song which was played in thor ragnarok. WOW good timing with this video! 😀

  10. Fernando França

    Hey Marty, Im brazilian, your channel help-me a lot. Thank you for your willingness to post lessons like this.
    I always follow your videos.
    strong hug Bro.

  11. Grayson Bush

    You are so helpful, thank you so much. One day could you do tequila sunrise by the eagles? That would be awesome!

  12. montana hartsock

    Thanks man been a Led Zeppelin fan for a while always loved this song and if you can please do hey hey what can I do

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