Rast Pentatonics – tutorial for guitar – desert blues


  1. Marcos Magalhães

    Thanks! This was very helpful! Too bad I can't do this on the harpsichord. In fact I do, I could tune it diferently… how did you get the translation for the Touareg song? What language is it, you know? best wishes, Marcos

  2. tobanga banga

    I'm very confused. You sound like you're speaking Italian but at the same time it seems like you're Arabic. Awesome music btw

  3. Omar Haggag

    Man! Our taste in music is very similar. I too love the Rast pentatonic you here in Mauritanian music "Desert Blues". I play it on my Oud and Saz all the time.

  4. Kathrin Berger

    thank you for showing this, I love tinariwen, and was looking for they way they play the scales,..so, thank you very much!! 🙂

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