Scarlatti Sonata in A Major K208 Classical Guitar Lesson


  1. Sherif El-bheiri

    Hi guys , i am Sherif from Egypt , please i am looking for online lesson but about arrange on the guitar how arrange any melody fingerstyle on ur guitar but, i sent for so many places but all said we do not have this kind of courses . is someone can send me online link about it ?
    Thane u guys

  2. Mike Malloy

    An appoggiatura on a dotted note in baroque music normally takes two thirds of the written value. Appoggiatura on a dotted crotchet becomes a crotchet (quarter) dissonance and a quaver (eighth) resolution. So it may have been written out to avoid confusion with acciaccature, but it has been written out wrongly as a quaver followed by a crotchet. 🙁

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