Elton John – Rocket Man – Guitar Lesson – How to Play Acoustic Easy Songs on Guitar


  1. Lonnie Christopher

    …one of these days…somebody is going to come out with some rifts….some song…that's going to stump this guy…..haven't seen it yet….but it will…..

  2. Lagordis70

    I'm soooo glad I found your channel again! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

  3. Steven Donovan

    Marty, I know this is an acoustic lesson, but do you know how to do the lead guitar swells using a slide? What tone setting are there for the amp? Sounds like heavy tremelo.

  4. george maundrell

    Please tell us how to do the rhythm like I’m not just going to strum down 5 times if I’m playing the real thing am I jees

  5. Steph

    Great playing and teaching! Thanks so much for doing these videos!! Two thumbs up 😊

  6. Sombavlogs

    People quit crying about the capo, they're only 6 dollars and if you can't buy one make one out of a pencil and a rubber band

  7. Bobla

    We are many here in France to really appreciate you Marty. Thanks Buddy !

  8. BoyDudeMan

    If you're using the capo, then show it in the thumbnail.
    I'm trying to find lessons that doesn't involve capo.

  9. Lucas Ortiz

    i've always wondered, Marty, what brand of pick do you use and what thickness??

  10. kramidanalub

    Hey Marty, been playing the guitar for a long time now but I still watch your videos and still learn a lot of new tricks man! Thanks and keep on teachin man!

  11. Ronaldo Mac

    I second a previous comment ref: opening your own guitar shop/lessons……… boss idea

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