Getting Started with Harmonic Minor-Leads and Jamming [GUITAR LESSON / MUSIC THEORY]


  1. OrionsVantage

    This really seems to want to hang on the 5th a lot more than other modes seems to want to. Does it have anything to do with the fact that the backing track is essentially i V7, but would be iv I7 if the 5th was the root? Lol, does that even make any sense.

    Edit: After playing around with it some more, if we were to use B as the tonic instead of E it would basically be a Phrygian scale with a major 3rd. I don't quite get how that would be a Phrygian Dominant, but i think i'm close to understanding something. Keep it up man, i appreciate it

  2. Jim Van Horn

    Love the videos! I highly recommend using a guitar with inlays for instructing though.

  3. OneEyE Monster

    Geeze dude..there's only 7 modes in it
    Fully extend chords are the samething as MODES

    aeo maj7
    loc maj6
    ion #5
    dor #4
    phry Maj3
    lyd #2
    Mix #1…..converted to Loc b4, bb7,,becuase we aint in sunday school.

    1………………..#2 3
    1……………….b3. b4…….in other words MAJOR or min chords..

    1, 3, #5
    1, b4, b6…….Augmented too.

    The possible FULL diminished
    II, IV, vi, VII

    possible Augmented
    iii, V, VII

    Possible Min/Maj7.
    I and vi

  4. hashir shakil

    Man honestly, ihave been plaing guitar for more than 3.5 years(Mostly learned from youtube) now i am intermediate player and i swear in 3 years of time i have never seen such a good teacher on internet!
    Lots of best wishes my friend 🙂

  5. Victor Moran

    Man you are such a wonderful teacher! I'm trying to learn to play trumpet and stumbled onto your channel when trying to learn about modes. now I watch you every day in the commute. Keep doing videos!

  6. Unit G

    That martin sounds really nice. Is that really the raw sound or are you using an amp with it?

  7. Andrew Ravenor

    You sir, have a great teaching gift. Your lessons are easy to follow and understand. Thanks a lot and keep inspiring! 🙂

  8. Agentepic25

    Is that a companion cube hanging in the background? Damn that makes me love your channel even more

  9. Mike Daniels

    when I hear the harmonic minor, I don't hear middle eastern. I hear flamenco. It's a common scale in Spanish music. or at least the Spanish guitar music I have been exposed to. I actually have a piece that I wrote for guitar and accordion that uses this scale.

  10. Chris C.

    Thanks for making these videos! you're a really good teacher, and you pick the right stuff to focus on. i've been looking forward to a harmonic minor video since I found your channel.

    looking forward to the videos about building the chord progressions

  11. Chris Langley

    Thanks dude, very helpful.

    I often play the scale but had no idea what it was called 🙂

    I greatly appreciate your videos.

  12. Tarks Gauntlet

    Man, I rarely hear the Harmonic Minor used in such a bluesy way. My every application of it is to tilt my melodies towards more eastern traditional sounds. Nice job.

  13. atf kdi79

    I think this is the first time I actually think a channel has way less subs than it deserves, awesome content keep it up

  14. xXSoralinkXx

    I feel like you should have mentioned that the "idea" behind this scale is to add a leading tone to the scale, like we would have in a major scale. But since the melodic minor is highly related to harmonic minor, I have this strange feeling that you will talk about that in the lesson of the melodic minor. 😀 Besides that: Yup, harmonic minor is the best scale! <3

  15. ShadowViper001

    Harmonic minor is one of my favourite scales, (it is right up there, next to a scale i learned about from one of your videos, the Lydian b7 :P) so needless to say I am so hyped to hear you discuss stuff like the chords, neoclassical style as well as the Dim7 chords.

  16. turamvar

    Your videos are so cool that 10 min seem like 10 s. Good job!

  17. Jamfjr

    Great video! I can't wait until the videos about the chords modes etc!

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