Brush With The Blues – Solo Performance – Learn To Play Jeff Beck Guitar Lessons


  1. kathmandoo

    Beck in my opinion is the ALL TIME genious. No one like him. Such an exciting player and at 69 yrs he is still killing it.

  2. Barefoot67

    amazing playing, I just changed my mind about Caswell, very impressive

  3. Neville James Martin

    Mike it the best teacher on Lick Library by a mile. His Paul Kossoff and LUke DVDs are like watching the men themselves.

  4. Digital.Gods

    Nice playing man. I wish I could use my fingers, but my nails are always flaking away. No polish helps. It's the plectrum for me!

  5. MrKarol04

    I've got this dvd and have to say that Michael is amazing guitar player!

    BTW. Does anybody know where can I get this backing track? There are a lot of backing tracks of Brush with the blues but this is a longer version and it would be great to have it 😉

  6. Natefunk49

    @TurquoiseArmies this is 9months later but yeah mike's a beast!!, i have his Lukather quick licks dvd and he's off the chain!

  7. Maxim Lamoureux

    what kind of pickups does Mike use ? single coils with some kind of Cover on them or what ? ( i know that the JB signature has Hot noisless Single coils ) but does mike have some kind of COVER on them ??? THANK U

  8. Maxim Lamoureux

    Could you ask Michael what pedals, amps etc he used on this DVD ?

    Thank You in advance ! YOU ROCK

  9. odgeUK

    Definitely the best Lick Library Tutor by a country mile.

  10. Mark Lambert

    It doesnt get any better than this this is terrific what a great player !!!!!

  11. Victor Chitic

    Michael Casswell is my favorite LL contributor. I love his lessons. Especially the ones on tone and gear and pedals. He's a fantastic player and a fantastic teacher. And what makes his teaching great is that it gives you the feeling of an older brother showing you the tricks of the trade rather than a teacher. Love Danny Gill too ! Lick Library Rocks

  12. TiEsQue

    @carlolf An open string harmonic with some whammy bar wiggling. You'll need some sustain- an overdriven amp, overdrive pedal and/or compressor will help.

  13. carlolf

    Starting at 0:44, how is this tone done? I always wondered and couldn't get it myself. Anyone to explain it?

  14. Adam Glatz

    Great lesson it's about time we start learning Jeff's …It's a dream to play his song's Caswell did a great job..How to see more of jeff's lesson's….

  15. Licklibrary - Online Guitar Lessons

    So you are saying Michael C shouldn't have played it this well because it takes too long for most guitarists to reach this standard…………even tho, it is the performance part of the dvd, and even tho it is illustrating Jeff Becks style, and even tho most guitar players would appreciate the skill and effort involved here! That makes perfect sense. We will tell Mike not to show off so much in the future… what was he thinking!!!!!

  16. RickInRock84


    Very very Beckish !!!

    A Fender Strat Ultra, isn't it ?!

  17. fmradioguy101

    Caswell is a god! He's really captured that Jeff Beck tone and feel here — utterly stunning!

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