HOW TO LEARN YOUR SCALES 10x FASTER (and WAY more useable)


  1. Marc Wiggin

    Wow, Scott got fired up! Or he really needed the toilet whilst recording this… 😂 brilliant as ever, life time member, all the love 🎸❤️

  2. Miguel Muñoz

    Sorry about this but I don't know so much about this stuff. What is the main idea about learning scales or as Scott said, how is the right way to put them in context?

  3. Martin Heath

    Everyone's commenting on Billy Sheehan for some reason so can I just voice my appreciation for how awesome that jazz bass looks and sounds! Good lesson

  4. Austin Zamachaj

    just when I think, damn, is Scott just doing a clickbaity title and saying some stuff he's already said a bunch just to make another video, he surprises me with great tips and brand new stuff I haven't seen in his last videos, everytime I see one of his videos there ls so much to take away from it, love everything Scott, thanks for all the videos and great teachings

  5. Tim Brown

    This is some great advice, Scott! Very few videos make me want to get in the shed and practice, and this is one of them. 🙂

  6. Mustafa Neuktura

    The note E can mean something just by itself. I love the lowest F note, how deep it sounds and vibrates, and the tension on that fret. Sometimes i just hit that single note and let it sustain and listen. Sound comes before melody, physics in music comes before mathematics.

  7. Clovis EL-Khazen

    what is the second digital pattern your doing there? it flew by as a quick example but whats the interval there?

  8. Pelle Svedén

    Hi Scott! I'm getting sad…do i HAVE to be a virtuoso an my instrument? I'm not…but i'm crazy about music and i love to play my bass! I'm pretty good with grooves and harmonies etc…but my fingers are not fast…and…if i'm forced to play very fast i'm getting stressed and confused and gets totally lost on the neck?!

  9. Shaky Blues

    Another great lesson, Scott. Thanks. Billy Sheehan is my bass hero. "Lean into it" was the album that made me wanna be in a band at school. Seen him play live with Steve Vai, The Winery Dogs and Mr. Big (RIP Pat Torpey). He's just phenomenal.

  10. Mike

    Billy Sheehan is an amazing bass player! Very big influence on me as a bass player.

  11. Mojos Army

    Billy did a clinic in our local music store not too long ago, and yeah he rocks and has great tone (from small amps!) but what blew me away more than his playing was what a supremely nice and gracious guy he is. Just positive and encouraging and a pleasure to be around. PS his unique technique stems from his youth, using his bass to fill in the keyboard parts on cover songs because his band couldn't afford a keyboard or another member! Necessity, right? Cheers Scott!

  12. Diego Ricketts

    Thanks Scott!!
    Do you think that you could do something like this but with arpeggios please?

  13. Broadway Joe Morris

    I met Billy in1975 at a club in Buffalo. He was playing in a great band called "Tallas"! He was wearing platforms shoes that added another 6 inches to his already intimidating stature! And, he was warming up playing all the guitar linens from "Jeff Beck's" new record, "Wired"! Just incredible!!

  14. bad thumbs

    Billy rocks , went to a seminar with him ,it was crazy ! Wish he would tell about his secret electronics in his bass he claimed having !

  15. alan abbey

    Billy is incredible! Your description of him is spot on. You can pick at this or that but overall he plays like no other bass player in the world.

  16. DeJai Jones

    just looked up one of billys solo videos, nope not feeling it and that comment section was brutal.

  17. Emir Ricardo Perpeña

    Billy was the first bass player I new by name. His play style was what aspired me to start playing bass more seriously. Learned the scale from one of his interviews 🙂

  18. Miłosz Sędziak

    You're awesome! I'm back to playing in guitar, and I will learn again how to play with your tutorial 🙂 So you will be my master!

  19. Patrick Hale

    I love Billy Sheehan !!! I first saw him in 1986 with David Lee Roth on the Eat Em and Smile tour!!! He was complimented by the fantastic fretmaster Steve Vai !!! What a show !!!

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