Instant Major Scale, everywhere on the fretboard, using SFS (Guitar Lessons) @EffectiveMusicPractice


  1. Tony Charlton

    Love the last lesson on using SFS for playing major scales. It makes it look so easy, off to get the guitar out and see if it is as easy as it looks. SFS is a great system, how did you get on to it?

  2. Phil James

    Great lesson my friend …. enjoy your holiday in this beautiful area.

  3. Nick Owen

    Hi PS – hope you and the family have a great time. Cheers Nick

  4. david conwell

    I am a little confused. I have always been taught that you should start and end on the root notes. Enphasizing the root note, landing on them like spring boards. Could you elaborate a little why we are not starting on the root note. I value your insight, please help me understand, is it a factor of disodence and resolve at play here?

  5. ckjjclan

    KC! What suburb? I used to live in Prairie Village… great city!

  6. Marcos Scaianschi

    This SFS system is something cool. It's really a more mature approach to learn scales and understand actually how they are built.

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