Like To Be You Shawn Mendes Guitar Tutorial // Like To Be You Guitar // Guitar Lesson #519


  1. The Groovy Guitar Dude - Daily Guitar Lessons

    Here it finally is! Sorry it took so long to get this one out guys, you have been requesting Like To Be You for months! Love jamming on this song 🙂 I have done almost the whole entire new Shawn Mendes album, what would you guys want to see next from it?? Chord charts below!

    Chord Charts –
    G – 320003
    C – x32010
    Am – x02210
    F – 133211 or xx3210 (for beginners)

  2. Imaneee Y

    i began learning to play guitar yesterday and OMG i’m shook you’re sooo talented ! I’d love playing like you one day

  3. ItsMeSavannah12

    Could you do show you by Shawn Mendes(Ik it's old) and where do I get a good guitar from?

  4. Joe Burger

    Thanks for your latest lesson …. need to do more finger picking 😉

  5. Ice Cold

    Could you do some guitar tutorials for songs by The Vamps? It's kinda hard to find a tutorial that works for me, but yours never let me down

  6. Yashini neelasha

    Thank you very much I can hear you dog bark hahaha in the beginning thank you very much READ THE PARAGRAPH BELOW CODY
    thank you very much for these tutorials it’s help so much not only for me but thousands of people I hope you keep on making these kind of tutorial I will always be by your side thank you very much goodluck on your future and thank you again and take care enjoy your day

  7. Gamer Girl

    Dude, ur awesome👌🏽 can please do locked out of heaven by Bruno Mars. I know it’s old but I really want to know how to play it and the other tutorials on YouTube aren’t that helpful. So please🙏🏽😂

  8. Iamdeeboo

    Omg thank you so so much i waited so long for this tutorial skdkkwnssn

  9. Magical Toaster

    Great song I love Shawn mandes. Can u do a vid on the most impressive thing u can do on guitar?

  10. Jadon Jones

    Is it really important to palm mute every note? I have a hard time doing it without muting the noise completely.

  11. Carla

    loved this! can you do 'location' by khalid next please? 🙂

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