Play Jazz Guitar in 10 Minutes


  1. Paul Layfield

    Hi Andrew, cheers for all your great lessons.
    I am confused about the A7 been classed as secondary dominant. As I understand, if it was used as secondary dominat to the iim chord iin C major, t should be Am7 not A7.
    The A7 works well in the progression but I don't know how you got there.
    Are secondary dominants not just dominants of other diatonic chords in the key. Help.. Cheers

  2. 13thAMG

    It's still a life long study to master Jazz.

    When you consider the work of the likes of Pat Methany or Wes Montgomery et al being able to play with such fluidity, intricacy and speed can't be covered in 10 minutes.

    Would you agree a good start is to not lift your fingers very far off the strings, thereby allowing smaller solo note values to fit into a bar?

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