Proper Left Hand Technique. Crucial MUST KNOW tips. Beginner Guitar Lesson From Studio 33 Guitar


  1. Jade S

    im self taught and have been playing with my thumb hanging out above the neck forever so im kinda stuck like that now… except for barre chords. It just feels really akward to have it low it makes me bend my wrist more too like that.

  2. Hemant Kumar Panda Souls

    sir u r telling to keep thumb straight but u r keeping like this👍 so u can place your 1st finger straight 🤔😯😥please solve my confusion

  3. NickyT

    This is the most important aspect of technique. Biggest mistake most guitarists make. This is almost exactly the way I teach it (pat myself on the back).

  4. Sdragon501

    Yo, this is the best video i have seen on not only proper placement but for a Lefty ! Thanks alot man i feel much more confident knowing i have the right technique down. Practice Practice Practice 🙂

  5. duncan3417

    Great lesson. I just started 1 week ago at the age of 60. I am trying to teach myself nylon string. Can you tell me when my strings will stop stretching? Every time I play I have to stop and tune again at least twice. Thanks and Best Wishes

  6. Chris X

    I'd think that thumb placement would lead to nicely to carpal tunnel

  7. Benjamin Coolguy

    The problem I think I have right now is whenever I try to put my wrist as flat as you guys do, my elbow is already facing inwards. Or is it just me?

  8. sasikanth malladi

    As a self-taught (still in the process) guitarist in the initial stages, I would say this is a must-see lesson for EVERY budding guitarist who's learning by themselves. Incorporate every single part of the technique emphasized in the tutorial and you are well set to have good technique on the fingering hand.
    The natural (and intuitive) way till be to play with the flat part of the finger and griping the neck with the palm. That way you'll hit a ceiling quickly.
    Very nice lesson and thank you! 🙂

  9. Martijn Hoekstra

    This is possibly the best guitar lesson I've found on the web, I've been struggling a lot with finger placement, this video completely solved that 🙂 Going to buy some courses on your website!

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