The worst guitar solo ever (Cover)


  1. BlueEyesNHimaginesTM

    Im wearing headphones and its full volume and my Ears Bleeds Beautiful !!!! Lets clap are hands for this man who has the most FREAKING ANNOYING GUITAR JUST THROW THE GUITAR !!!

  2. Mr Auszee

    I am still grateful you done this good sir, My worst guitar solo was covered half way across the globe 😀

  3. J. Reinhardt

    best cover so far… not as good as the original but "okay". Keep working hard.

  4. freminick123

    Some mad skills man, seriously. That's easy to tell that you are very good, but this cover is amazingly funny

  5. Tim Brown

    this version's too good though – the original had the je ne sais quoi of crappness

  6. Henry's Guitar Adventures

    This video brought a tear to my eye. So much thought and emotion went into each and every one of those notes he played.

    A true work of art.

  7. Robert Contreras

    For people talking shit, this is making fun of some kid playing horribly in some music class performance. So he's covering the awful performance Haha. But, to the uploader, where's the kid at the end? "that was sooooo good ". Ahahahaha

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