Vivaldi Summer Presto Guitar Lesson part 1


  1. Phin Jones

    Sorry, in regards to picking, why don't I want to end on an up stroke? If it's 3 notes per string, isn't it more economical to simply go up/down/up on each string?

  2. To Sz

    Hello! Chris my name is Tomek,can you send me a complette tabs part1and2 please!!!! my

  3. lukeonn

    I watched this video a year ago and gave up. Have you any tips for picking faster? I can tremolo pick easily to Misirlou by Dick Dale but when it comes to this I suck.

  4. Mr12161969

    Thank you so much for breaking this down and doing an excellent job of explaining everything. Awesome job!👍🏻👍🏻

  5. kevin mask

    great job, need to get into it, where can I download the backing track?

  6. Kacey

    um, thank you for the vid! I looked for tabs online but they were wrong. or at least missing parts. is it possible you also post tabs?? (Thank you so much. your vid was rly helpful)

  7. M. Afiq Sobri

    Hi, i'm not good in playing guitar, but may i know what is the guitar tuning for this song?😅

  8. VC CH

    Wait a second do you alternate pick the first runs, meaning after string changes do you go down, or do you just sweep with the changes. Because if you start each string on an upstroke you're going to have two upstrokes which is bad.

  9. Rostyslav Chernyakhovskyy

    Played it on violine about 15 years ago, as I was about your age (or maybe several years younger) ) Now learning myself guitar – thx a lot for such a great lesson. I have to master it )

  10. Fabian Lopez

    thanks excellent teacher. you will have tabs and backing track greetings from Colombia.

  11. SanasY

    i am 56 years old and i think you can be my son, but you are my teacher in guitar,thank you for giving other people the chance to play Vivaldi

  12. Mega Seth

    I haven't picked up my guitar in awhile. So whilst discovering your videos..I am watching this, to get the ideals of patterns down….Anyways great job, great playing…Your teaching of this song is very easy to follow along to…Just watching the fingers and positions slowed down is great..Don't worry about tabs, they are just lazy and don't want to replay and pause the video. 🙂 m/

    Keep up the good work. You rock.

  13. Frankie

    Excellent work on this lesson im still practicing this piece You Kick ass Playing !!!

  14. Lucho Nieves

    Hey chris, you should put tablature in each part so that we can follow you correctly. I have many errors trying follow you

  15. Guitarist6494

    Awesome Chris 😉 Would you ever do a video on your Marshall DSL?? I mean a real demo of it and all its tones? or what about showing how you record it and how you mic or add any eq or comp? That would be sick 😉

    Keep rocking bro !!

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